We have a great and big team of developers, creatives, marketologists and influencers that work hard every day to make all this real!






How to buy MoonBoys token

MBS is live on BSC

Our project is based on Binance Smart Chain. You can use TrustWallet® and Metamask® for trading our token. Watch the video and follow these simple steps to moon with us!

TrustWallet MetaMask
Deflationary economics with unique features

Why should I hold MBS?

There are some key reasons to hold and invest in our tokenomics. Do your own research and ask us for any help in socials.

6% of tx goes to holders
Secured and audited by F.A.R
39+ team members
Charity, NFTs and burning events
What's next? Check our RoadMap

RoadMap for Q2-Q3 2021

We have a great and big team of developers, creatives, marketologists and influencers that work hard every day to make all this real!


Team plans for Q2 /1

Core Development. Pre-Sale. Marketing Roll-Out. Donation Wallet.


Team plans for Q2 /2

CG / CMC Listings. Target exchange. Launch Giveaways. Token burns.


Team plans for Q3

Launch first listing. Custom charts. Explore new charities. iOS and Android apps launch.


Team plans for Q4

As we finish the high-priority tasks we can see clearly what the best utility for our ecosystem will be.

Having any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected the most popular questions and got answers for you. Your funds are safe with us.

Getting Started

What's MoonBoys?

MoonBoys Finance is a community-driven, fair-launched DeFi token which builds exponential value for its holders using three main principles : static rewards, liquidity pool acquisition, and burns.

MoonBoys Finance wants everyone to explore the galaxy with us, INCLUDING charities! With an already incredibly active and compassionate community, we are dedicated to using a combination of our rocket fuel and NFTs to help those in need.

MoonBoys Finance is primed to be one of those unique opportunities which don't come around often. Be on the lookout for some exciting upcoming news. We promise this is a ride you don't want to miss.

Where can I find a litepaper?

You can find one here.

Where can I find out about the charities?

Every charity event we've done and we plan is going to be announced at our Telegram Group and highlighted on Twitter.


Where can I buy and what's the slippage?

You can buy MBS token at PancakeSwap. Chart can be found at PooCoin and BoggedFinance. Set the slippage to 11% or more and you'll be a happy mooner with us.

What are the tokenomics?

Our total supply is locked at 1,000,000,000,000,000. 25% was burned at pre-launch stage. 30% was distributed in presale. 25% of the amount is at PancakeSwap and 20% is held in the Dev Wallet with multisig protection by 3rd party. As for April, 17th, our real total supply is less than 710,000,000,000,000 MBS.

Why the slippage should be 11%?

As a deflationary token we need to keep taxes in our contract for the whole ecosystem to work properly. 10% Tax taken on each transaction: 6% redistributed proportionately to each holder as our “thank you” for being an investor and 4% locked as liquidity to alleviate the potential for serious liquidity issues in the future. With an additional 1% you should participate in buy/sell activities without issues.

Team and mission

What is our team size?

As for April, 17th we have 39 active members split into 5 divisions: Graphics team, Marketing team, Developers team, Social media team and General team. All of us are working hard since the launch. We believe in our trusted members and appreciate the amount of tasks we keep doing everyday.

What's our mission?

From the moon, it’s easy to see the big picture. Those who have had the privilege of standing on its surface tell us that looking at our planet is as inspiring as it is humbling. The image of Earth from space is a stark reminder that we are all in this together, and that it is only by working with each other that we can build a bright future for generations to come. 🚀🚀🚀

MoonBoys shares this viewpoint. As cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity and versatility, it’s evolving into a tool which allows us to approach traditional problems from a new perspective. Using this token as our vantage point, MoonBoys is enacting innovative yet realistic options which will allow us to improve as many lives as possible. While there are several charity tokens based on specific humanitarian issues, MoonBoys is focused on the bigger picture.

We have a vision of a world where technology becomes the great equalizer, the means to granting prosperity for all. By looking at issues which affect the mind and the body, the young and the old, we are discovering a means to start a movement of altruism and radical empathy. We invite our investors to join us on our journey to building this new reality

Stats matter when you choose

Real stats and milestones

Our team collects all crucial aspects of what we do and what we achieve. Feel free to learn more of what you invest in.

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